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These versatile locks are used for securing display cases, cabinets, street furniture, cupboard doors, boxes, drawers, juke boxes, pool tables and many other applications. Pushlocks work on a push-to-lock/key-to-unlock principle and are generally intended for use on double sliding doors or other applications where the lock is required to prevent lateral movement. The outer body of the lock is secured to the inside of a door usually by screws through the outer flange, ‘flange fixing’, or occasionally using a nut tightened onto the threaded lock body, ‘nut fixing’. Pushing on the lock ‘head’ causes the central barrel with the locking pin at the rear to lock in a protruding position, preventing lateral movement of the door. A turn of the key allows the spring-loaded barrel and locking pin to ‘pop out’ to the open position.

The range of pushlocks available from Camlock Systems includes seven and ten pin types in regular or patented ‘Octagon’ configurations, an eight pin Octagon ‘Camatic’ changeable combination version, a disc tumbler mechanism and a simple, tamper-proof, triangular drive ‘spanner lock’.

These radial pin tumbler pushlocks may be set to a new key combination by using a special key, avoiding much of the expense of changing locks if the keys are lost or stolen.

Fixed combination, no master key system

These popular radial pin tumbler pushlocks are all supplied with a key combination that cannot be changed.

Changeable combination

These locks use a number of cylindrical pins of differing lengths arranged in a circle and are operated by a ‘tubular’ type of key.


These locks feature a row of discs, of differing profiles, which must be aligned by the correct key in order to operate. This key is of the ‘flat’ type and the combination cannot be changed.


This pushlock is operated by a triangular drive spanner key and is for use in applications where the need is to deter access, rather than provide true security.

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