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Camlocks: superb range of radial pin tumbler (tubular key) and disc tumbler (flat key) types. Quarter turn locks: over 50 different types of tamper-proof locks designed to prevent the ingress of moisture and particles. Multi-point locking: over 50 different products designed specifically for the industrial enclosure, EEE and HVAC industries. Hinges: ranges include panel, profile, concealed, corner, leaf and special hinges. Gasketing: self gripping gasketing in a range of styles, also edge protection and closed cell or EPDM strip.
Handles, non-locking: types suitable for wood & metal furniture, drawers, machinery covers and heavy duty applications. Switchlocks: key operated switches for low current applications. Pushlocks: wide choice of designs and security levels for sliding doors, display cabinets, street furniture, etc. T-handles: the almost universal closure device for vending machines. Also used on a wide range of other applications. Locking inserts: a broad range of locks designed for T-handles and also used on many other applications.
Showcase locks: a comprehensive range of locks specially designed for retail and wholesale premises. Padlocks: types include those offering high levels of security and protection against key duplication. Switch modules: electrical switcher that fit on the back of a lock and come in a wide range of poles and positions Bulk vending locks: Camlock Systems has a wide range of locks designed specifically for bulk vending operators. Special application locks and fasteners: a cable strap lock, cable locks, note/bill acceptor covers and a seven lever safe lock.
Keys: additional or replacement keys for locks sold by Camlock Systems. Lock accessories: a range of lock accessories to enhance product functionality. Key accessories: a range of key accessories to improve key control. New products: a selection of products at the forefront of the industrial lock industry. Custom design: We can design and manufacture to your particular requirements, if not catered for in our standard ranges.