Series 31

10 disc, double entry, die-cast cam lock

10 disc, double entry, die-cast cam lock — Series 31

Launched only recently, this lock offers 5,000 key combinations to provide above average key security for lockers, mail boxes, drugs cabinets, cash boxes, chemical storage cabinets, tool cabinets and many other applications. The strong keys are designed to stand up to heavy usage and are easy to insert due to the reversible double-sided design, the use of brass tumblers and through the use of modern techniques in key cutting. There is a choice of two key movements: 1) 90o turn with key free in the locked position only, or 2) 180o turn with key free when locked and unlocked.

The lock incorporates a positive-click index locking/unlocking action. This prevents the locking cam from falling back under its own weight if keys are left in the lock.
The Series 31 lock has a body length of 20mm, (0.787”) is available with a choice of mounting methods — a brass body nut or a horseshoe clip, and it fits a standard 19mm (0.75”) x 16mm (0.625”) double ‘D’ hole piercing.
A very competitive price is achieved by manufacturing the lock from die-cast alloy, making it attractive to OEMs and volume end users. The bright chrome plate finish gives a durable and attractive finish.
A wide range of standard zinc plated steel cams is available from stock; special cams are available to order.