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To minimize the risk of your profits being diminished by thefts, whether by thieves or employees, we have considerable experience of advising on the many aspects that need to be considered. These include the amount of cash held in machines, what type of locks should be fitted, where machines are sited and all aspects of key control. 

We can recommend products that are purpose-designed to secure cash and data against theft and vandalism. Where employee theft poses a challenge, we can help you to achieve really effective management of the keys for your machines. 

Our high security locking systems can be retrofitted to the majority of gaming machines and amusements, providing you with peace of mind. 

Our long experience in securing gaming machines, casino tables, amusement rides and cash handling equipment makes us a knowledgeable and reliable partner for your security.


An increasing number of our OEM customers now fit higher security locks to machines for specific customers. The benefits of excellent machine security help these OEMs differentiate their products and save the customer from having to retrofit a higher security lock following delivery.

Wider security considerations

  • Key registration ensures that only authorised personnel can obtain additional keys.
  • In certainn countries, regulations require a dual control lock to be fitted, which can only be opened when two key-holders are present.

From decades of experience, we find the following ranges are popular amongst customers in the gaming and amusements sector. 

We can also manufacture mechanical and electronic locking systems to your specific requirements, subject to a minimum order quantity.


Contact our experienced team of technical experts for guidance on the best locking solution for your application, following an individual risk analysis.

Selected product ranges

Cam locks
Multi-point locking and swing handles
Changeable combination locks
Locking inserts
Electronic locks