Series KCL 28

Cable lock

Cable lock - Series KCL 28

This highly versatile product helps to prevent the theft, misuse and loss of keys, also unauthorized duplicate keys being cut. Keys can be removed and replaced easily before the device is locked over a belt or around any secure fitting. The lock is machined from solid brass, finished to a high standard and chrome plated for excellent durability and reliability. The patented ‘Octagon’ 7-pin radial pin tumbler mechanism has over half a million different key combinations. Key assignment is available on ‘keyed-alike’ keyed alike in groups and keyed different, eliminating the possibility of keys being issued to anyone other than authorized personnel.

There is a choice of three cable lengths: 22cm (8"), 32cm (12") or 48cm (18"). The cables are of the same high specification used to operate the wing flaps on aircraft and have a stainless steel spring covering.

Keyed to differ locks are supplied with two keys. Keys for keyed alike locks are sold separately.

In addition, a large capacity, rigid, stainless steel key-ring is available for use with the KCL28 – UP09-5035-1. The 8” (22cm) long, horseshoe-shaped rod can hold multiple keys of any type with a 3/8” (5mm) diameter or larger hole to take a key-ring.