Coin box lock, adjustable spindle length

Coin box lock, adjustable spindle length - UP05-1015-3A

The coin boxes on coin-operated laundry machines and other machines are often in unsupervised premises, making these vulnerable to both physical attack and picking. The UP05-10153A lock is designed to provide a much increased level of protection for such bayonet locking coin boxes. The product’s benefits include a 7 pin mechanism offering over 500,000 key combinations, all brass construction, high durability from the chrome plated outer body and an anti-drill centre to provide added security.

The lock is supplied fitted with a heavy duty collar to provide protection against torque or ‘twist’ attacks using a vice grip, also prying attempts. The hardened steel collar shrouds the head of the lock making it extremely difficult for thieves to obtain any grip on it with pliers, wrenches or other tools. The collar is independent of the lock so any attempt to twist the collar will not transfer to the lock. The protective collar gives this coin box lock a much more substantial look that can be enough on its own to deter a casual thief.

The ingenious design of the spindle allows it to be adjusted in length easily to fit a particular application. Supplied with the multi-length rod attached and the pin loose. Suitable for coin boxes that require a spindle length of up to 188mm (7.4”). Key assignment is available, to offer you optimum key control.