Combination cam lock

Combination cam lock - 4150

This versatile cam lock is suitable for use on a wide range of metal and wooden enclosures, drawers and cabinets, in addition to lockers and post boxes. No key is used to operate the lock, making it ideal for situations where keys could be lost easily or there are multiple users. The mechanism has 1,000 combinations and the user selects their own three-digit code, which can be an easily remembered number of unique significance to the user. The selected combination can be changed easily and quickly as often as desired. No special tools are required to change the combination. Clockwise or anti-clockwise operation of the cam is available and the user can change this easily.

The lock is die-cast zinc alloy, with a chrome plated finish. Fits a standard 19mm diameter, 16.5mm wide ‘double D’ hole. A range of steel cams is available.

How to set or change the combination