Double 50mm x 25mm cut-outs, polyamide swing handle

Double 50mm x 25mm cut-outs, polyamide swing handle - 101

The 101 range fits the common double 50mm x 25mm cut-out, which has hole centres 100mm apart. The Euro profile lock comes in one of three security levels: a high security, brass radial pin tumbler lock; a lower security 40mm or 42mm die-cast zinc alloy cylinder lock; or one of four industry-standard drives that provide basic resistance to tampering. Also available in a padlockable version. The types of industry-standard drive available are: 5mm double bit drive, 8mm square drive, 9mm tri-drive / triangular drive and an Eastern European 13mm D drive. There is an integral dust cover for the lock.

The body and handle are black polyamide (specification DIN-EN ISO 1043-1 PA6 GFR 30), with a polyurethane seal. The lock is either brass or die-cast zinc alloy and the cam is steel.

Suitable for a very wide range of applications, indoors or outdoors, including electric panels, machinery covers and generator covers.