Dual control cam lock

Dual control cam lock — DC4

This high quality, special purpose cam lock can be operated only when the holders of two different keys are in attendance. The double security makes it ideally suited for use in cash collection, to prevent dishonesty, and in restricted access or commercially sensitive situations where two keyholders are required to be present, for example an operator and a supervisor. This cam lock can be retrofitted to most popular gaming machines, kiosks and similar applications.

Available in two body lengths, 25 and 30mm, the lock body and other principal components are machined from solid brass to ensure reliability and precision. Every lock is hand assembled to order. The radial pin tumbler (RPT) mechanism can also be incorporated into other types of special purpose locks, including padlocks.

The possibility of unauthorized duplication of the keys is virtually eliminated, as the keys can be registered with Camlock Systems, which means duplicate keys can be obtained only from Camlock and only by authorized personnel.