Fast fit spring clip fixing

Fast fit spring clip fixing - SC1

This very economical sprung metal clip facilitates the very rapid fitting of cam and switch locks with a 18.8mm (3/4”) diameter ‘double D’ profile, as an alternative to the standard body nut. Best suited to metal applications, the clip fixing can be knocked into place with a single hammer blow. The clip can save OEMs the production time taken to engage a nut on the body thread, rotate the nut to take up the slack and tighten the nut, resulting in significant savings.

The right-angled lip also facilitates very rapid removal using a flat blade screwdriver or similar tool. Note that clip fixings are unsuitable for wooden and other applications using a circular mounting hole.

height: 31mm (1.2”)
width: 25.5mm (1”)
depth, overall: 10mm (0.4”).