Locking inserts

Locking inserts are also called plug locks, cylinder locks, barrel locks, core locks and sometimes bullet locks. The term describes a cylindrical shaped lock that was originally designed for use in pop-out T-handles and can be changed easily without having to replace the entire handle.


Although locking inserts are mainly used in vending machines, we have customers using these locks in retractable parking posts & bollards, steering wheel locks, wheel clamps and other applications.


A selection of different security levels and mechanisms appropriate for the risks faced by your particular application is available for you to choose from.


The insert offering a truly innovative, high security solution is the 3504, an all-new type of locking mechanism designed and developed by Camlock Systems.


Many of the range of radial pin tumbler inserts feature our award winning ‘Octagon’ mechanism, which makes unauthorized key duplication virtually impossible.  We also offer conventional 7-pin and 10-pin types for when unit cost is the primary requirement.  


Our ‘Camatic’ changeable combination locking inserts enable you to change the key combination of the lock easily if a key is lost or stolen. Many of our locking inserts can also be supplied master keyed, providing the advantage of ‘one key fits all’ for sets (or ‘suites’) of locks with different key combinations.