Padlockable, quarter turn latch, 32mm long body

Padlockable, quarter turn latch, 32mm long body - 055-1

This quarter turn cam latch requires no key to operate it, making it appropriate for use on lockers and on cabinets that may need to be kept secure on occasions, such as electrical & electronic panels and machinery guards. It has a 32mm body length, making it particularly suitable for wooden cupboards. The 90° turn operation can be either clockwise or anti-clockwise. The handle and body are nickel plated. Fits a 20.3mm diameter hole. Can be secured using a padlock with a shackle diameter of up to 7.5mm.

The range of cams are steel, square punched and include flat or cranked (bent) types.

A similar padlockable latch with a shorter body is also available, the Series 56.