The vast number of padlocks in use every day is proof of their enduring usefulness and flexibility.


Our customers use padlocks to lock hasps, staples, chains, cables, gates, fences and the metal straps on gaming & vending machines and also to lock outdoor enclosures such as those found in the infrastructure and utility sectors. Certain padlocks are suitable for use on critical national infrastructure (CNI) applications.


Our range includes a high security bar padlock, in additional to more conventional types fitted with a radial pin tumbler (‘RPT’) mechanism operated by a tubular style of key and padlocks with flat key operated cylinders, including a discus type padlock.


Many of the radial pin tumbler padlocks feature our award winning ‘Octagon’ mechanism, which makes unauthorized key duplication virtually impossible.  Also, there is the option of 7-pin and 10-pin RPT types of padlock.


The 8-pin changeable combination padlocks utilise our ‘Camatic’ mechanism, enabling the user to restore security immediately if a key is lost or stolen.


Most padlocks are available keyed alike where any key fits any padlock in a set or ‘suite’ and ‘keyed to differ’ where all padlocks are supplied to a different key combination. Many of our padlocks can also be supplied master keyed, providing the advantage of ‘one key fits all’ for sets (or ‘suites’) of padlocks with different key combinations.


Should you be unable to find what you are looking for on this website, please view the very comprehensive padlock range on our e-commerce site

This includes budget padlocks, weather-proof, heavy duty and high security types, all available quickly and easily. One Stop Locks has padlocks with different shackle lengths, in addition to closed-shackle types.