Patented lock gets thumbs up from operators

Bulk vending machine operators have nothing but praise for the new high security BV90 lock from Camlock Systems, Inc. The ability to lock and unlock each vending machine lid with a very quick quarter turn of the BV90 key has been especially welcomed.

A typical reaction to this innovative locking system is that of John Honeycutt, Owner of Great Dane Cranes in Clearfield, Utah, which also operates in Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, Nevada and part of Oregon. John says: “Originally, I was sceptical about whether it would be worth upgrading the original locks so I tried just a few of Camlock’s new BV90s. I am really impressed with the product and I have now ordered more.”

A patent has just been awarded on the new BV90 range. Commenting on the news, General Manager Dale N Padjen says: "The ingenious design of our BV90 saves bulk vending operators significant time on every service call. It also provides a much higher level of security than the factory fitted locks due to the award-winning 'Octagon' mechanism, hundreds of thousands of possible key combinations, excellent resistance to picking and an anti-drill center. Octagon locks virtually eliminate the problem of thieves using unauthorized duplicate keys to open machines."

The BV90 offers key assignment, which ensures keys are only issued to the relevant customer. Operators that have this free added protection no longer need to worry that other operators may be able to access their machines. Further information can be found here.