Patented products

Many locks and keys we offer feature our patented Octagon mechanism. Only patented locks and keys can prevent unauthorized duplicate keys being cut or blanks being made. The patents enable us to regulate the issue of keys very strictly, ensuring that registered keys are only ever issued to the relevant customer.

The Octagon system can be applied to many different products, regardless of their physical strength, keying, etc.

The mechanism has been spread across our ranges, enhancing the security of our cam locks, push locks, changeable combination locks, locking inserts, switch locks, padlocks and many more. 

A selection of our unique Octagon products can be found below

Design registration and patent protection have also been granted for the V Series, a product range which has been designed to be particularly resistant to external attacks, including liquids such as glue.

Our Series 35 cam lock features an all-new mechanism based on a revolutionary and unique asymmetrical warded keyway. Patents for this range have been applied for internationally and a utility patent has already been granted by United States Patent and Trademark Office.