Pushlocks (or ‘plunger locks’) are spring-loaded cylindrical locks with a locking pin at the rear.


Generally, these are used on sliding doors or other applications where the lock is required to prevent lateral movement.


Normally, pushlocks work on a push-to-lock/key-to-unlock principle. Pushing the lock ‘head’ moves the central barrel and the locking pin, which protrudes at the rear to lock the application. A turn of the key allows the spring-loaded barrel to ‘pop out’ to the open position and retract the locking pin. As an alternative, we also offer a key-to-lock/key-to-unlock action.


These versatile locks are used for securing display cases, cabinets, street furniture, cupboard doors, boxes, drawers, juke boxes, pool tables and many other applications.


Many of the radial pin tumbler pushlocks feature our award winning ‘Octagon’ mechanism, which makes unauthorized key duplication virtually impossible. We offer conventional 7-pin and 10-pin types for when unit cost is the primary requirement.


You also have the option of a changeable combination (or ‘reprogrammable’) type known as ‘Camatic’, which enables you to restore security quickly and easily if a key is lost or stolen.


In addition, the range includes disc tumbler pushlocks and a simple, tamper-proof, triangular drive ‘spanner lock’.