Quarter turn latch with curved handle

Quarter turn latch with curved handle - 362

The curved handle/knob of the 362 latch serves as both a handle and to operate the latch. The body and handle are available in polyamide or in die-cast zinc alloy that is either chrome plated or black powder coated. To offer maximum choice, materials and finishes can be mixed, for example polyamide body and black powder coated alloy wing handle.

Suitable for electric panels, machinery covers and a wide range of other applications.

With a range of over 50 standard cams to choose from there is almost sure to be one for your particular application. The cam range includes flat, cranked (bent), steel, stainless steel, plastic and actuator cams for use with multi-point locking systems. The cam does not rotate beyond quarter turn due to a stop lip.

The latch fits in a 22.2mm diameter, 20.2mm wide hole.