Quick release fastener

Quick release fastener - P347C/P347S-25

This ingenious device uses a modified cam lock to achieve push-to-lock and key-to-release fastening. Can be used on a very wide range of applications such as access panels and portable generator or compressor cabinets where frequent access and speedy removal is required and the application needs to be kept secure at all other times.

Provides fast securing of frequently used applications. Designed to hold a door or panel tightly shut. The bullet-shaped nose assists alignment and provides good ‘lead in’. Unlocking requires only a quarter turn to release the fastener and the clip assists ejection of the stud. The retainer clip is pre-drilled with two holes to take mounting screws (not supplied). Various body lengths are available, subject to a minimum order quantity.

Typical dimensions:overall length: 50.7mm (2”)overall width: 22mm (0.9”)depth: 55mm (2.2”)