Replacement keys

Should the key to a lock or padlock from Camlock Systems be lost or stolen, or you would find it useful to have a spare, we offer an efficient service for providing additional and replacement keys in the vast majority of cases. We have invested in very high tech key cutting machines to help ensure that any key we supply will be an accurate copy of the original and can be produced quickly.

Identifying the key
Normally, it is only possible for us to produce and supply replacement keys if you know the key number; knowing just the type of lock is insufficient information for us to be able to assist you. The majority of original keys carry the name Camlock Systems and have the key number stamped on the key bow. Typically, the key number comprises letters and numerals for radial type keys and numbers only for flat keys. If you do not know the key number, you will need to send the key to us so that we can determine whether we can assist you. The address can be found by clicking on contact us. You are advised to use a courier or other form of recorded delivery when sending keys to us. Where the key number is not known and the key is not available to be sent to us, we will be pleased to provide you with a quotation for a replacement lock and key.

Registered keys
Many of the locks that we sell have a unique key combination (or ‘key number’). Such keys can be registered with us to greatly reduce the risk of unauthorised duplicate keys being used to open the lock. All master key suites of locks, all ‘Camatic’ changeable combination or ‘reprogrammable’ locks and many suites of keyed alike locks supplied by Camlock Systems have unique key combinations that can be registered by the purchaser or user. Once a key number has been registered with us, only the specific individual authorised to order further keys may do so. No exceptions to this rule are ever made. Please note that if you have purchased a product fitted with a lock from Camlock Systems and the key number is registered to the manufacturer of that product, you should approach the manufacturer direct to request replacement keys in the first instance, as we never disclose the name of the individual or company that has registered a key, for security reasons.

The charge
The charge will be dependent on the quantity of keys ordered and where the keys are to be delivered to. Camlock Systems has a minimum order charge of £30 plus VAT (£36.00) that applies to all orders, including replacement keys, to be delivered to an address in the UK. In most cases, we are able to supply two keys to an address in the UK for the minimum order charge. For destinations outside the UK, please contact us for a quotation.

We require a written order for replacement keys, which should state the key number and the quantity required. This can be sent to us by fax, e-mail or post; the contact details can be found by clicking on contact us