Showcase locks

This range of locks is ideal for the requirements of retailers, wholesalers and shop-fitters and is used by blue chip High Street names.


The locks have been designed to lock glass doors, wooden doors and drawers. They are suitable for showcases, display cabinets, cupboards and counter units that store valuable assets such as documents, vouchers, coupons, jewellery and electronic equipment including computers, tablets, smart phones, DVDs, cameras and more.


Our range of shopfitting locks includes high security radial pin tumbler locks especially designed for use in POS applications such as sliding glass doors, as well as lower security disc tumbler types.

The high security locks benefit from the protection afforded by our award-winning and patented ‘Octagon’ mechanism, which has been designed to prevent unauthorized key duplication. Replacement and additional keys are only available from us and no key blanks are supplied to third parties.


These locks can be supplied to the same key combination as other locks from Camlock Systems, such as those used on CCTV systems, cash drawers, or chip & pin terminals, so one key opens all locks in one Department or one store, saving valuable time in a busy retail environment.


All radial pin tumbler types are available with a changeable key combination, known as the ‘Camatic’ mechanism, which allows full security to be restored immediately if a key is lost or stolen.

All these locks can be retrofitted easily or specified to be incorporated on new equipment.