Switchlocks are also known as key switches or key-operated switches. Turning the key operates an electrical switch. Switchlocks are often used where access to the switch function needs to be restricted, such as on charging units for electric cars, machinery and fire & burglar alarm panels.


The range includes single pole and double pole switchlocks, for operation of one or more electric circuits.


We offer toggle switches where the key is turned for continuous ‘on’ or ‘off’ and momentary switches where the key is turned and held against a spring to switch the circuit ‘on’.


We also offer a switchlock with a changeable (or ‘reprogrammable’) key combination that helps to restore security quickly and easily if a key is lost or stolen.


Many products are patented to make unauthorized key duplication virtually impossible.


Our switchlocks include radial pin tumbler locks and disc tumbler types. The former use a number of locking pins of differing length that are arranged in a circle and operated by a tubular or cylindrical shaped key. Disc tumbler switchlocks feature rows of discs, of differing profiles, which must be aligned by the correct ‘flat’ key to operate.


To comply with EU ‘CE’ regulations, all switch locks are rated at less than 50 volts for alternating current (‘AC’) and less than 75 volts for direct current (‘DC’).