060 DD92

Torx™ T30 drive quarter turn cam lock

Torx™ T30 drive quarter turn cam lock - 060 DD92

The huge popularity of the 060 quarter turn range is due to its versatility, breadth and the superb quality of the components. Suitable for a very wide range of applications, indoors or outdoors, including electric panels, machinery covers, generator covers, electronic & telecommunications enclosures, commercial vehicles, signs, HVAC equipment, trackside enclosures, off-highway vehicles and other applications that require quick access and easy installation.

The DD92 type has a Torx™ T30 head driver with point to point dimensions of 5.52mm (.216”) for use with a Torx™ T30 bit or drive (also known as a star screwdriver). The cam lock is operated by an industry-standard key, which is purchased separately.

The operation is spring loaded, with a specially designed internal spring providing 1.5mm torsion. This helps to reduce rattles and vibration. With a range of over 50 standard cams to choose from there is almost sure to be one for your particular application. The cam range includes flat, cranked (bent), steel, stainless steel and plastic cams, as well as an actuator plate to convert cams to multi-point locking.

The die-cast zinc alloy body and drive have a chrome plated finish. IP65 and IP66 (Nema 4) are optional.