Vibration resistant lock with 6mm compression

Vibration resistant lock with 6mm compression - 040-1

The 040-1 is designed for applications that may be subject to vibrations, such as construction equipment, machinery covers and trackside cabinets, and also provides good noise insulation. The lock provides compression of up to 6mm. The locking action is two stage: turning 90° moves the cam into the locking position, turning a further 90° releases the cam into place and provides the compression.

A range of ten drivers is available for the 040-1: 3mm double bit, 5mm double bit, 7mm triangular (tri-drive), 8mm triangular (tri-drive), 8mm square, 8mm hexagon, 8mm hexagon with central pin, tubular key, square drive & screwdriver slot (railway type) and 2 x 4mm slot.

The housing and driver are of die-cast alloy construction and can be specified with either a bright chrome plated finish or black powder coated. The 32mm long body accepts a range of 39 cams without a stop lip.