56mm long, weld-on to door, bolt-on to application hinge, 110°

56mm long, weld-on to door , bolt-on to application hinge, 110° - 095-4-0-1

The 095-4-0-1 is a stainless steel hinge designed for doors with a bend (edge) of 22.5mm or more. The centre (welding) part is available in one of three versions: tubular, part tubular and part flat plate or tubular and flat plate. Can be specified to be drilled with two holes to take a M5 screw/bolt or with two M5 mounting studs.

The hinge rotation angle is 110°.

Suitable for a wide range of applications, indoors or outdoors, including electric panels and machinery covers.

A zinc plated steel version of this hinge is available.