6mm compression lock, with choice of seven drives

6mm compression lock, Ø22.2mm x 20.2mm cut-out, with choice of seven drives - 040-1-4-0

Designed for applications that may be subject to vibrations, such as construction equipment, machinery covers and trackside cabinets, and also provides good noise insulation. The locking action is two stage: turning 90° moves the cam into the locking position, turning a further 90° releases the cam into place and provides the compression.

  • Seven drivers available: 3mm double bit, 5mm double bit, 7mm triangular (tri-drive), 8mm triangular (tri-drive), 8mm square, square drive & screwdriver slot (railway type) and 2 x 4mm slot.
  • 32mm long body.
  • A range of stainless steel cams is available without a stop lip available.

Stainless steel. 

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Compression lock with wider grip range - 040-2-4-0