Camlock Systems helps to minimise payment card fraud

Tailwind Solutions Ltd is a provider of POS units for holding and protecting Chip & PIN devices. A lock manufactured by Camlock Systems ensures good security for the units.

The Scottish company Tailwind Solutions is dedicated to providing innovative retail POS solutions.

The theft of card payment devices by organised criminals and subsequent card fraud are growing rapidly. Tailwind’s ‘Safe Base’ device prevents Chip & PIN card payment devices from being stolen. The device is fixed to the POS counter top and the lock provided by Camlock Systems ensures that only authorized retail personnel can remove it.

Camlock has built the Series 3025/26 push-to-close latch lock exactly to Tailwind’s specifications. Each lock has its own individual key combination and up to 2000 are offered. A master key facility is available for Tailwind customers who wish suitably qualified personnel to operate all the locks in a suite with one key. The lock keeps the user friendly double-entry key trapped in the unlocked position which prevents the key from getting lost and encourages users to close the lock after usage.

Garry Knox, Managing Director of Tailwind Solutions, says: “Camlock Systems delivered a tailor-made solution, plus the service and technical advice we are looking for.”