Heavy duty, radial pin tumbler key

Heavy duty, radial pin tumbler key - RPT28KEDL/RPT48KEDL

This heavy duty, radial pin tumbler (RPT) key has a strong, durable moulded polypropylene key bow and an extruded steel key tube that is nickel plated. The key bow comes in azure blue, as standard, however it is also available in red and green to special order. The key bow is ergonomically shaped to provide a good grip.

Anyone who uses similar keys with different key combinations on a frequent basis will know that it is invaluable to be able to identify immediately a particular key. This ‘de luxe’ key makes identification quick and easy, thanks to two coloured indicators pressed into the key bow. These identifiers make this key ideal for operators of amusement and vending machines, larger retailers and those wishing to group keys according to a route, department, branch, depot or region. Ten colours are available: red, white, blue, green, purple, yellow, orange, grey, black and tan.

The heavy duty, de luxe key is available for 7 and 10 pin RPT products, as well as 8 and 12 pin RPT ‘Camatic’ changeable combination ranges.