How to order

Not only do we offer many different types of products that are available in a choice of dimensions, finish, keying, locking operation, we also have the expertise to custom design and manufacture locking systems. Systems that are not currently part of our range where customers have bespoke requirements.


Contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

Keying types

For an explanation of the main keying options, keyed alike, keyed to differ and master keyed, read our guide on Choosing a lock. Many of our products are supplied with two keys as standard; if required, additional keys can be supplied at a nominal extra cost. Where there may be multiple users requiring access, locks and keys may be sold separately to allow the customer to determine the number of keys required. Please see the details of the product(s) you are interested in for specific information on whether keys are supplied with the locks or separately.


Registering keys

Many of our products come with registerable keys. Once a key combination has been registered, no one else will be authorised to purchase this particular key. If you have purchased a product with registerable keys, we will send you a registration email (or letter) shortly after receipt of the locks. This will include information as to how keys can be registered.


New customers

Should you require further guidance before placing your order, please feel free to contact a member of our helpful and friendly sales team. We ask that all orders are submitted in writing — by e-mail, fax or post. In line with common commercial practice, we request payment in advance from new customers. We will send you a ‘pro forma’ invoice, which we ask you to pay — by cheque, payment card or electronic funds transfer to our bank — before we process your order. Please note that we will not start to design, manufacture, assemble, pack or deliver your goods until the day that we receive your payment.


Established customers

Please continue to submit all orders in writing — by e-mail or post. Customers wishing to purchase our products regularly can open a credit account with us after a while. On request, we will send you an application form. Delivery We carry stocks of the most frequently requested items, to facilitate rapid fulfillment of orders for these. We hold substantial stocks of component parts for the majority of our other product variants and assemble locks in our factory to customers’ specific requirements. Please do not hesitate to ask us for a delivery date, no matter what your requirement may be.