Micro lock made by Camlock Systems ensures IT security

Zentner Elektrik-Mechanik GmbH has chosen a lock manufactured by Camlock Systems to protect their IT enclosures from unauthorized access.

Zentner is a long established, family-owned company specializing in the manufacture of enclosures for the IT, medical and machinery industries. The company offers full service solutions in the areas of CNC thin sheet technology, systems engineering and plant construction.

The computers fitted in Zentners IT enclosures are used mainly in access control, network security and the retail industry. Potential damage can arise from vandalism, shrinkage, manipulation or deactivation.
Camlock’s Series 13D protects these enclosures and computers from unauthorized third-party access. By locking down the I/O area, Zentner virtually eliminates unauthorized access to the USB/DVD/SmartCard/HDD drive, as well as the power and reset button.

The Series 13D micro lock provides full functionality while its ultra compact proportions ideally suit the application. The lock is available in three different body lengths and two materials: 10.5mm in die cast, 13mm and 16mm both in brass. All feature a polished chrome finish.

Achim Zentner, Managing Director at Zentner, says: “We have known Camlock Systems for a long time and have always been very happy about the quality of their goods and services. Our customers are frequently asking specifically for their locks.”