5 tips to select the ideal locking system for your gaming machines.


5 tips to select optimum locking security

5 tips to select optimum locking security


Gambling continues to be a lucrative business across the world. The UK Gambling Commission recently announced that gaming machines are generating £2.6 billion revenue annually. Consequently, these profits encourage criminals to gain access to the machines.

Thomas Steiner, Head of Sales & Business Development at Camlock Systems, shares five tips to assist in choosing the optimum locking system for your gaming machine.


1) Change your key combination 

According to a white paper by Cisco, 50% of all casino losses are caused by employee theft. In the gambling industry, keys are often passed through many hands every day, which increases the risk of keys getting lost or stolen. Employees leaving the business could take the keys and choose to sell them online.

Replacing the locks to restore security every time this happens is an expensive way of dealing with the problem.

A solution can be locks that allow you to change the key combination quickly and easily when security is breached. Once the key combination is changed, the old key will no longer operate the lock and security is restored. Camlock’s ‘Camatic’ lock range is available with 8 or 12 changeable combinations and the mechanism has been incorporated into many product types such as cam locks, push locks, switchlocks or locking inserts” Thomas Steiner explains.


2) Use patented locking systems

The gambling industry employs many people. In 2015, around 100,000 individuals worked in the gaming sector in the UK alone. In an industry where many employees have responsibility for the keys of your machines, there is a greater risk of someone duplicating them, for instance by taking them to a local locksmith. Patented locking systems prevent unauthorized key duplication as the lock manufacturer controls the production and availability of additional locks and keys. 


3) Take control over your keys

Select a locking security company that offers a key registration service. This ensures that only authorised individuals within your organisation can confidentially order additional keys or locks manufactured to an existing key number. Some companies, such as Camlock Systems, also offer to run key management systems for customers with large suites of locks, for example by assigning keys to specific areas.

Thomas Steiner stresses the importance of a system that documents who is in possession of your keys, and when, in order to reduce the risk of losing them. “A number of simple solutions are available such as keeping a record of key holders on a spread sheet and identifying keys with differently coloured covers” says Thomas Steiner. Using an electronic key cabinet and reducing the number of key holders can also greatly improve your key management.

Key cabinet


4) Buy time

A secure lock buys time, which helps you to detect, or prevent, an attack on your machine. For instance, a thief may use a hammer to damage the locks on your machine or learn online how to pick them. The higher the resistance of the lock, the longer it will take a thief to break in and this gives time to notice the attack. 

 “Our experience shows that a locking system with medium to high pick and manipulation resistance is ideal to withstand attacks” highlights Thomas Steiner. Various suitable locking systems are available on the market. On Camlock Systems’ website, customers can for example refine their product search according to the level of resistance they require.


5) Add an extra lock

An extra lock on your machine can significantly improve security and key management. For instance, locking the cashbox separately allows you to provide access to a limited number of staff only. Other employees may be able to access the machine to restock or service it, whilst the cashbox remains secure.

Some operators rely on a lock with a dual control mechanism to protect their cashboxes. These locks can only be operated when the holders of two different keys are in attendance. Thomas Steiner also calls Camlock’s DC4 dual control lock “the supervisor lock” because it is often used where a supervisor and an employee have to be present to gain access. Supervisors witnessing cash handling operations is an obligatory requirement in some countries, for example Canada, and a company policy in many other places around the world.

Extra locking means extra security and this can buy you vital time. Secondary locking can also be achieved by protecting your machine with additional locks such as a padlock fitted to a chain or strap around the cabinet.


There are 171,163 gaming machines in Great Britain that need to be protected with a suitable locking system. With a range of solutions available on the market, it can be difficult to choose the best locking system for your machine. “Guidance from a locking security expert can be beneficial as it is easy to overlook certain points” concludes Thomas Steiner. “At Camlock Systems we offer advice from the initial discussions to the installation of the lock to ensure that our customers are provided with the most suitable locking system for their requirements”. 

Camlock Systems achieves new ISO 9001:2015 certification

Camlock Systems has successfully achieved the ISO 9001:2015 Certification for its Quality Management System (QMS) by meeting all of the requirements set by the International Organisation for Standardisation. 

The ISO 9001:2015 accreditation assures customers and other interested parties around the world of Camlock’s commitment to organising its processes efficiently and reviewing these on a regular basis to deliver continuous improvement. Consequently, customers can be assured of receiving reliable products and services of a consistently high standard.

The new ISO certification provides a greater level of detail and a stronger focus on planning, performance and leadership within a business.

More information on Camlock Systems quality assurance can be found by clicking here.

Evoke use Camlock Systems in their fast food kiosks for optimum security

The locking experts at Camlock Systems Ltd are proud of their long-standing relationship with Evoke Creative Ltd. Recently, Evoke has designed and manufactured self-order kiosks for the world's largest chain of fast food restaurants. Camlock was involved in this project from the early stages. Following careful evaluation, Evoke chose the Series 31 cam lock to secure the kiosks.

Evoke’s touchscreen kiosks allow customers to browse through the menu, to order and to pay for their food.

Camlock’s experts investigated where the lock will be used and carefully analysed the security risks the kiosks will be exposed to. Camlock learned that Evoke required two locks for each kiosk; one to protect the door of the ticket printer that gives easy access to the printer roll, and another one to protect the components inside the kiosk.

During the consultation, different types of locks, security levels and prices were considered. Camlock Systems provided CAD files and samples to enable Evoke to test the lock.

Eventually, Evoke decided on the Series 31 die-cast 10 disc tumbler cam lock. The strong keys of this lock are ideal for heavy usage and easy to insert due to the double-entry design. Camlock also supplied a master key that opens all locks on the kiosks.

Since the start of the cooperation between the two companies in 2008, Camlock Systems has provided on-going support to Evoke. Neil Clark, Commercial Director at Evoke, says: “Camlock’s expertise was essential throughout the entire process of finding a suitable locking solution for our kiosks. Camlock understood our requirements, during the development process as well as after the installation.”

Find out more about the Series 31.

A new website for Camlock Systems

The international locking security company Camlock Systems Ltd has launched its new website. The old site has undergone a complete overhaul.

Major new features improve every visitor’s experience, including a new product search function, a simpler way to request CAD files, a design contributing to easier navigation, and the availability of industry or market specific information.

Camlock Systems’ locking security experts work in partnership with customers to supply or to design, develop and manufacture mechanical and electronic locking security using innovative technology.

Camlock develops a range of solutions adapted to different needs. As a result, the new product search function enables visitors to apply multiple filters to narrow the product search and view relevant products. For example, physical attack resistance, pick and manipulation resistance, patent protection and weather resistance may be used among other criteria to refine product requirements.

Once registered, visitors can submit up to four CAD file requests at once helping to evaluate different options quickly and efficiently and visualise their final product better. The new website also enables visitors to get in touch with Camlock’s team of security experts easily.

The enhanced navigation makes it easy for users to find what they are looking for, whether browsing is undertaken from a mobile device or a computer.

Professionals benefit from information specific to their industry or market, which is gathered from Camlock Systems’ long experience of locking security. Camlock’s products are widely used in the self-service industries including vending machines, gaming machines and kiosk terminals, as well as infrastructure and utilities cabinets and enclosures.

To meet the needs of its many overseas customers, Camlock’s website continues to be available in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Camlock Systems unlocks the potential of LinkedIn

Camlock Systems Ltd has launched its company page on the professional social network LinkedIn. Camlock’s followers can now obtain expert security advice, gain company insights, read market news and participate in related discussions.

Camlock Systems’ locking security experts work in partnership with customers to supply or to design, develop and manufacture mechanical and electronic locking security using innovative technology.

By following Camlock Systems on LinkedIn, interested individuals have the opportunity to learn about products, markets, partnerships, career opportunities, Camlock’s team, and more.

LinkedIn further enables people to engage with Camlock Systems and their security experts, either by sharing and commenting on posts or by approaching a team member directly.

Camlock’s products are widely used in the self-service industries including vending machines, gaming machines and kiosk terminals as well as infrastructure and utilities cabinets and enclosures.

Rebecca Koch, International Marketing Manager at Camlock Systems, says: “LinkedIn will give our followers and us the chance to get to know and inspire each other. I would like to encourage everyone who is interested in locking security to connect with us.”

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Camlock Systems restores security on vending machines

south-autovend.jpg​Locking experts Camlock Systems Ltd helped Impulse Autovend South Ltd to restore security on their vending machines after the company lost more than £55,000 from repeated break-ins over a 16 week period. Camlock’s locking insert, the T8 Bullet, provides excellent security and helps Impulse Autovend to control the keys in circulation.

Impulse Autovend specialises in the sale of snacks and soft drinks through vending machines, many of which are located in train stations in the South of England. When the vending company discovered that a thief was regularly emptying the cash boxes of their machines, they sought help from Camlock Systems.

The thief was detained with around 500 keys for cashboxes from various vending manufacturers, which he had bought off the internet.

After careful consideration of Impulse’s security risks, Camlock Systems recommended their T8 Bullet locking insert. Interchangeable locking inserts like the T8 Bullet are compatible with pop-out T-handles and padlocks such as Camlock's Series 19 high security bar padlock. The T8 Bullet makes it easy to adjust security according to specific risks or to upgrade security, without replacing the locking handle or padlock.

The T8 Bullet features Camlock’s patented Octagon system which makes unauthorised key duplication virtually impossible. The keys for this lock can be registered ensuring that keys are only issued to authorised Autovend employees. This locking insert with its distinctive bullet shape has 10 locking pins for increased security and a hardened steel core that helps to prevent drilling and drive-through attacks.

The T8 Bullet comes with approximately five million different key combinations. Camlock aims to supply only high quality key combinations to ensure that keys operate no other than the relevant lock, even when moved around slightly.

Camlock Systems’ industry knowledge has helped Impulse Autovend to restore the security of their machines.

Find out more about the T8 Bullet locking insert

A key step to more profitable vending

In 2014 the British Transport Police reported an increase in thefts from vending machines of 34% over two years. This trend will have most certainly caused considerable financial losses and inconvenience for the operators concerned.

A former supervisor, Rory Luke, stole a set of keys when leaving Coca-Cola and used these to rob the company’s vending machines on 93 separate occasions before he was caught. This is unsurprising because no physical damage to the machines occurs if the thief holds the right keys.

Understanding what good key management constitutes and how it can be improved should significantly reduce the risks.

In this article, Martin McCaffrey, Technical Director of Camlock Systems Ltd, sets out what you should consider.


What key management involves

Good key management involves ensuring that you know how many keys you have, where these are and that these are only in the possession of authorised and trusted users.  Poor key management allows unauthorised users to be in possession of legitimate keys or even worse, to obtain illicit copies. Such copies may be used by the holder or undesirable associates for nefarious purposes, which are relatively difficult to uncover since losses do not involve criminal damage during any unauthorised access.

Wherever goods, cash or personal data is at risk, it is essential to employ robust procedures for recording key procurement, issue, recovery and storage. Using patented locks will prevent keys accumulating in an uncontrolled fashion, including from unauthorised/third party outlets such as High Street key cutters.  This is often augmented by the manufacturers operating a key registration system, in which records are maintained of whom in any particular organisation is entitled to order keys and only after their credentials have been checked rigorously.  Put another way, patented locks ensure that additional keys are only obtained from bona fide suppliers, by legitimate purchasers.

Label keys

Labelling of keys and corresponding machines or equipment will keep track of them and can also help to ensure users are only issued with keys to carry out their tasks satisfactorily and then only for the length of time required.  Labelling may take the form of simple alpha-numeric marking, colour coding or perhaps bar coding.  At the more sophisticated end, there are some GPS tracking systems that monitor the location of keys. 

Labelling may be used not only for the keys themselves but also for equipment/door codes, locations and route management.


Restrict access

Rather than issuing keys permanently, consider issuing to specific personnel for a restricted duration, to allow access at certain times or for set tasks.  Electronic key control cabinets or mechanical key tracking ‘pegboards’ will allow you to see which keys are in use and by whom.  


Record, monitor and control key issue and retrieval

This may be done simply via an in-house manual system, whereby keys are signed in and out, and held in a secure key cabinet.  At the other end of the spectrum are more sophisticated electronic key management or auditing arrangements, which require users to provide correct credentials before any key may be obtained, and will log all details regarding the user involved and the times the keys were removed and returned, similar to an access control system.


Obtain keys from departing staff

To avoid the example of Rory Luke repeating itself in your company, be sure to record all keys at the time of purchase. Subsequently, you should track whom each key has been issued to and when he or she returned it, using receipts or electronic auditing, also whether keys have been retrieved from departing staff. Correct disposal and recording of lost, broken or worn out keys will further improve your key management.


Make key holders accountable

Making key holders accountable for the keys gives them a stake in their safekeeping. Where keys are in the ongoing care or possession of staff members, regular checks or audits of keys for quantity and condition helps ensure that these are carefully looked after and can draw earlier attention to losses. Where losses occur through negligence, it may be worth considering charging key holders for replacements and even for replacement locks, where a serious or negligent compromise has occurred.


Benefits of patented keys

Patented locks and keys can prevent unauthorized duplicate keys being cut or blanks being made. You can test the security level of your keys by taking them to a local key cutting outlet. If they are able to cut a spare copy for you, they will be able to do the same for any other third party. Manufacturers of patented locks often regulate the issue of keys by offering a key registration service, selling registered keys only to the relevant customer. 


Benefits of changeable combination locks

These enable you to avoid much of the expense of changing locks if the keys are lost or stolen. Unlike other locks, changeable combination locks may be set to another key combination by using a special change key. Once a new combination is set, the lost or stolen key no longer operates the lock and security is restored immediately.


More information

Camlock Systems provides expert advice and a wide range of products developed specifically for the vending industry. Together, these will help to ensure your vending machines continue to do what you purchased them for, to make profits for you. Whether you have experienced theft from your machines or you would like to take preventative action to avoid your machines appearing in the theft statistics, we are here to help you. We can explain more about the benefits of patented locking systems, our online key registration service, electronic locks and bespoke locking solutions. 

Camlock Systems provides miniature cam lock for winning tablet holder

imageHOLDERS designs and manufactures a tablet holder that allows businesses to deploy tablet computers in public spaces such as airports, hospitals, restaurants or shops. A miniature cam lock manufactured by Camlock Systems secures the case with the tablet PC inside.

The design of the case is unique in holding any iOS, Android or Windows tablet and imageHOLDERS has patented this.

Customers can choose between the off-the-shelf ranges including wall mounted, counter top or floor standing enclosures or a customised solution. Enclosures with imageHOLDERS’ gooseneck design have the ability to tilt and rotate 180°. Each enclosure has a VESA mount, complying with the Flat Display Mounting Interface (FDMI) Standard.

imageHOLDERS’ range includes E.POS and M.POS tablet enclosure solutions. All M.POS enclosures are made to order and can be supplied with any OEM device such as NFC reader, chip & pin, printers or swipe cards integrated in the holder.

imageHOLDERS chose a lock manufactured by Camlock Systems to secure the tablet in its case and protect it from unauthorized access.

Camlock’s Series 21 is a micro size 5 disc tumbler cam lock which offers good security in a small package. Its ultra small proportions including a body length of only 8 mm make the lock the ideal solution when limited space is available. The polished chrome finish ensures that the solid lock looks good on any application.

​Adrian Thompson, CEO at ImageHOLDERS, says: “Ever since we developed our tablet enclosure range we have bought the locks from Camlock Systems. Camlock has proven to be a reliable supplier to us and we appreciate their excellent customer service.”

Camlock Systems helps to minimise payment card fraud

Tailwind Solutions Ltd is a provider of POS units for holding and protecting Chip & PIN devices. A lock manufactured by Camlock Systems ensures good security for the units.

The Scottish company Tailwind Solutions is dedicated to providing innovative retail POS solutions.

The theft of card payment devices by organised criminals and subsequent card fraud are growing rapidly. Tailwind’s ‘Safe Base’ device prevents Chip & PIN card payment devices from being stolen. The device is fixed to the POS counter top and the lock provided by Camlock Systems ensures that only authorized retail personnel can remove it.

Camlock has built the Series 3025/26 push-to-close latch lock exactly to Tailwind’s specifications. Each lock has its own individual key combination and up to 2000 are offered. A master key facility is available for Tailwind customers who wish suitably qualified personnel to operate all the locks in a suite with one key. The lock keeps the user friendly double-entry key trapped in the unlocked position which prevents the key from getting lost and encourages users to close the lock after usage.

Garry Knox, Managing Director of Tailwind Solutions, says: “Camlock Systems delivered a tailor-made solution, plus the service and technical advice we are looking for.”  

Camlock Systems launches products for cabinet and enclosure industry

Camlock Systems has introduced an extension of its popular wing knobT handle and L handle ranges. The new products, designated Series 08 are fitted with a lock cylinder that is compatible with all 92 Series key combinations, including the popular 92369 key number. Camlock Systems has manufactured its new products in response to demand from the cabinet and enclosure industry.

Camlock Systems is a designer, manufacturer and supplier of industrial locks and locking systems and is renowned for its high quality products and technical expertise.

Camlock’s new 5 disc tumbler ‘08’ lock barrel provides a moderate level of security and is available keyed alike or keyed to differ. A wide range of steel, stainless steel and polyamide cams is offered. Where no locking operation is required, the handle can be specified without a lock cylinder.

All products have passed salt spray water and other environmental tests and are perfectly suitable for applications that are sited in damp environments such as in the water industry. The wing knob and T handle are IP65 rated and fitted with a rubber gasket. A stainless steel cap and spring loaded shutter protect the keyway.

The new products are available in black polyamide, die-cast zinc alloy with a chrome plated or black powder coated finish.

Tony Dent, Sales Director of Camlock Systems, says: “With the Series 08 we are responding to a huge market demand. We have created an ideal solution for the industry by fitting our quality locks with 92 Series compatible barrels to complement the existing range of wing knobs and handles.”

Micro lock made by Camlock Systems ensures IT security

Zentner Elektrik-Mechanik GmbH has chosen a lock manufactured by Camlock Systems to protect their IT enclosures from unauthorized access.

Zentner is a long established, family-owned company specializing in the manufacture of enclosures for the IT, medical and machinery industries. The company offers full service solutions in the areas of CNC thin sheet technology, systems engineering and plant construction.

The computers fitted in Zentners IT enclosures are used mainly in access control, network security and the retail industry. Potential damage can arise from vandalism, shrinkage, manipulation or deactivation.
Camlock’s Series 13D protects these enclosures and computers from unauthorized third-party access. By locking down the I/O area, Zentner virtually eliminates unauthorized access to the USB/DVD/SmartCard/HDD drive, as well as the power and reset button.

The Series 13D micro lock provides full functionality while its ultra compact proportions ideally suit the application. The lock is available in three different body lengths and two materials: 10.5mm in die cast, 13mm and 16mm both in brass. All feature a polished chrome finish.

Achim Zentner, Managing Director at Zentner, says: “We have known Camlock Systems for a long time and have always been very happy about the quality of their goods and services. Our customers are frequently asking specifically for their locks.”

Bike “to go” locked by Camlock Systems

Quipplan Mobility manufactures folding electric bicycles or ‘pedelecs’. A micro cam lock manufactured by Camlock Systems secures the bike.

The Q10 bike comes with a battery operated motor capable of transporting the rider at 15 miles per hour and is available in a sport and a city version. A range of accessories is available including LED lights, a stand, a rack and LCD digital displays.

The aluminium frame of the Quipplan makes the bike lightweight, just 16.5 kg. When folded, the bike measures just 80 cm long by 65 cm high by 45 cm wide so can be transported easily in the shoulder bag supplied. Unsurprisingly, the bike is proving to be a big hit with commuters. The bike comes with a two year guarantee as standard – an optional third year is available – and is accredited under European standard EN15194.

Spanish company Quipplan designed the bike to have an integral lock in the main folding mechanism's handle. The lock also prevents the battery from being stolen from the integral compartment inside the frame and allows the key-holder easy access to the battery, as required. Quipplan selected a micro-sized cam lock manufactured by Camlock Systems. Camlock’s Series 13D provides full functionality in ultra compact proportions – the body length is just 10.5 mm.

Camlock’s range of micro cam locks with a radial pin tumbler mechanism is available in three body lengths and two material specifications: 10.5 mm in die-cast alloy, 13 mm and 16 mm both in brass. The lock’s polished chrome finish is a perfect complement to the stylish design and looks of the bike.

Quipplan’s satisfaction with both the locks and the multi-lingual customer service resulted in the company placing a repeat order. Enrico Miracoli, Product Manager at Quipplan, says: “From Camlock we are getting a quality product at a fair price, plus an excellent Spanish-speaking service.” 

Camlock Systems equips machine used to crush James Bond stage sets

Red Rhino Crushers UKTM is an award-winning producer of mobile crushers and recycling equipment. Red Rhino chose Camlock Systems as a supplier of its industrial hardware and has been impressed by their comprehensive service.

UK based Red Rhino Crushers produces various different crusher models that are used in many different industries all over the world. The company recently supplied a machine to Pinewood Studios to crush stage sets. The machine was used to create the film sets on the latest James Bond film. In another example, Red Rhinos machines were provided to CHF International, a US headquartered non-profit organisation, helping to recover and rebuild Haiti after the earthquake in 2010.

Red Rhino crushers are able to crush bricks, concrete, glass, slate, ceramics etc. The crushed product can be used for multiple purposes including road- and driveways or decorative aggregates for gardens.

Their largest model, the 7000 Plus, produces output of up to 45 tonnes per hour. Extremely quiet and with fuel consumption of approximately 10 litres per hour, the machine reflects Red Rhino’s environmentally friendly philosophy.

When it comes to production of its machines, Red Rhino counts on industrial hardware from Camlock Systems. Camlock Systems is a manufacturer of industrial locks and locking systems but also supplies locking handles, non-locking handles, hinges and gaskets to manufacturers of plant equipment, enclosures, commercial vehicles and many other applications.

​Jason Purllant, Sales and Marketing Director at Red Rhino, says: “We particularly appreciate Camlock’s personal customer service and technical advice but also their flexible and quick deliveries and quality products. Camlock has proved to be a reliable partner to us.”

Chairman of Camlock Systems achieves 40 years’ membership of MLA

Ray Carroll, Chairman of Camlock Systems Ltd, has received a certificate from the Master Locksmith Association (MLA) in recognition of his 40 years’ membership.

The MLA is a non-profit association representing around 180 of the UK’s leading locksmith businesses. In the absence of any Government licensing of locksmiths, the MLA promotes the highest levels of skills and ethics in the industry. To become a member of the MLA, a business is vetted and inspected by the Association and each locksmith must achieve a specialist qualification. Ray is one of only 15 members who have achieved 40 years’ membership of the MLA.

The Carroll family has a long association with the lock industry stretching back to 1918. Ray Carroll’s father Philip Carroll was a locksmith and his son Robin is now the Managing Director of the company founded by Ray. Today, Camlock Systems is one of the leading designers, manufacturers and suppliers of industrial locks and locking systems and has gained a reputation for superior products, technical expertise and a high quality of customer service. The company exports all over the world and over a third of its turnover comes from export customers. A sales office in Southington, Connecticut, is responsible for representing the company’s interests in Canada, North and South America.

When first established Camlock Systems offered a limited range of cam locks. Thanks to its substantial investment in continuous product development, the company now offers no fewer than 26 ranges of cam locks as well as switchlocks, pushlocks, tubular locking inserts, padlocks, electronic locks, interlocks and many other security products. In recent years the company has also added over 1,000 industrial hardware products to its portfolio, including quarter turn locks, swing handles, multi-point locks, heavy duty paddle handles, hinges and gasketing.