Industry-standard drives

There is a huge range of applications that require a simple and robust fastening with a level of security that is ‘tamper resistant’, rather than providing genuine protection. Such fastenings are operated by, variously, a widely available key or tool, a screwdriver or the edge of a coin and are also known as spanner locks or budget key locks. All offer ease of operation and are ideal for applications where regular access is required. Camlock Systems offers a range of 50 drives for you to select from.

Die-cast zinc alloy

A range of 17 drives available with either a chrome plated or black powder coated finish.

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​A range of nine drives supplied in a black finish. A good choice where cost is the deciding factor.

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Stainless steel

A range of eight drives that are ideal for clean environments, marine applications and other applications where only ‘the best’ will do.

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