Setting combination locks

4150 Combination cam lock – how to set or change the combination

When you purchase a 4150 cam lock, the combination is set to 000.

  • Identify the bezel, which is the front of the lock that has eight ridges around the edge to assist turning.
  • Turn the bezel anti-clockwise until it clicks, which will be a quarter turn or less.
  • Locate the small circular hole in the edge of the bezel.
  • Insert a pointed implement – such as a 2mm diameter drill bit or a strong, metal paper clip that has been opened out – and depress the spring-loaded plunger inside.
  • Keeping the plunger depressed, rotate the three dials to your desired combination (between 001 and 999) and then release the plunger.
  • Write down the combination you have set and keep this number in a safe place.
  • Turn the bezel clockwise and rotate the three dials so that a different code is shown to the combination you set. This can be any combination that comes up as you move the three dials. The unit is now locked and you will notice that the bezel cannot be turned.
  • To unlock the 4150 cam lock, turn the three dials to the combination that you set. You can now turn the bezel, which turns the cam (the metal arm at the rear of the lock) to unlock the application.