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We can advise on both electronic and mechanical locking systems, including master keyed locks.  Many of our customers have found their security solution in one of the following ranges: 

Should you be unable to find what you are looking for on this site, we can design and manufacture to your specific requirements, subject to a minimum order quantity. 

Delivery of online Orders

Increasingly, a fundamental part of any retailer’s e-commerce offering is ‘click and collect’, where online orders are collected from a physical location, rather than delivered to the purchaser’s home.  In a 2015 report, Deloitte estimated there were 500,000 ‘click and collect’ locations in Europe, up 20% on 2014.  We have years of experience in locking security for parcel lockers that we would be pleased to share with you.

The main security considerations

  1. The worth of the merchandise, equipment, items, cash, payment card data, personal customer data or other information held in a locker or enclosure.
  2. Location determines the optimum type of security.
  3. Indoor locations are vulnerable to illicit duplicate keys, lock bumping, lock picking and other types of manipulation. Our patented Octagon system is featured in many of our ranges and can virtually eliminate the possibility of unauthorized key duplication.
  4. Outdoor locations have a high risk of physical attacks or vandalism, as well as the risks in 3 above.  Corrosion can pose a challenge too.
The members of our Technical Sales team will be pleased to share their knowledge and experience to achieve the optimum solution for your requirements. Please contact us at any time.

Selected product ranges

Cam locks
Changeable combination locks
Multi-point locking and swing handles
Electronic locks