From decades of experience in vending and bulk vending we know the profitability of an operator’s business can be affected by the security of each vending machine. Our ultimate aim is to ensure your machines continue to do what they were purchased for, to make you money.

We appreciate every business is different and in order to remain profitable many aspects need to be considered.

Where machines are located in unsupervised areas, operators may fear vandalism. Let a member of our Technical Sales Team advise you on a security upgrade that can provide you with peace of mind.

Also we know break-ins do not always involve violent intrusion; there are many instances of thieves gaining access with duplicate keys.

Good key management helps to control the keys in circulation for your machines and thus prevent the use of unauthorized keys. Consult us and learn more about the benefits of patented security solutions, reprogrammable locks and our established key registration service.


We can advise OEMs on locking solutions that will enhance the security of their machines and add value to these. Many of our customers find that their ideal lock primarily has to offer good value for money, in particular when bought in bulk.

Whatever you require, our ranges contain a variety of products and customers can choose between different security levels, materials, etc.

Should you be unable to find a product that meets your specific requirements, we can design and manufacture bespoke mechanical and electronic locking systems, subject to a minimum order quantity.

Our production team is committed to meet our customers’ quality requirements using high-end components and working according to the ISO 9001:2015 standards at all times. Being a global company with local assembly facilities, we are also pleased to provide our customers with short and flexible lead times.


Many of our customers have found the best solution for their vending machines in one of the following ranges:

Selected product ranges

Cam locks
Changeable combination locks
Changeable combination locks
Locking inserts
Electronic locks