cable lock

Locking Ring Prevents Key Misuse



The cable lock keeps your keys out of the wrong hands.

Create a tamper-proof keyring that guarantees your keys stay where they belong, but allows you to make changes without cutting and welding. The cable lock gives you the freedom to group keys for employees, or to secure keys to any fitting or hardware.

Octagon technology
​​​​​​​The cable lock from Camlock Systems uses an exclusive, octagonal keyway with over 500,000 unique key combinations.

Flexibility (or not)

The cable lock comes with your choice of stainless steel cable, including 3 flexible loops - 8”, 12” or 18” - and 2 rigid rings (4” or 8”). Size the rings for ease of use, looping onto belt loops or wrists, or even just “too big to forget it’s in your pocket.” The cable lock helps keep your keys where they belong.


  Tamper-proof keyring prevents key

  Easy locking and unlocking when making

>   Five cables to choose from

>   Registered keys only available from
     Camlock Systems 



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