Cam locks

Cam locks are cylindrical locks with an opening for the key at one end and a rotating locking arm or plate, the cam, at the other. The cam, which does the latching, is operated directly by turning the key, typically through 90 or 180 degrees.  Cam locks are often used to secure doors, such as on cabinets and enclosures.


At Camlock Systems Ltd, we are probably best known for our truly innovative high security mechanisms, designed and developed in-house to offer you greater peace of mind. Our ranges also feature radial pin tumbler and disc tumbler locks. Radial pin tumbler locks use a number of cylindrical pins of differing lengths arranged in a circle and operated by a ‘tubular’ type of key. Disc tumbler locks are operated by a ‘flat’ type of key. A row of discs of differing profiles must be aligned by the correct key in order to operate the lock. 


Most of our radial pin tumbler locks come with a fixed key combination, however we also offer ranges with changeable key combinations. The latter allows the user to restore security quickly and easily if a key is lost or stolen, by using a special key to set the lock to new key combination.


Many of our locks can also be supplied master keyed, enabling the same key to open all locks in a group with different key combinations.