Smarter locking 
for casino gaming 

What if you could close all of your table games in a few seconds?
This is the question that launched our casino line.
Starting several years ago with the Chip Tray Slam Lock, the catalog has grown to encompass all the tables on your floor, as well as gaming machines and the cash boxes inside. 

Whether you need to close a single table or an entire room - you can. With our casino range it's easy. 

  • Chip Tray Slam Lock
  • Roulette Table Slam Lock
  • Craps Table Slam Lock
  • Bill Validator Slam Lock
  • Cable Lock


cash boxes

Slot Machines

chip trays

table games

time-saving slam locks

Whether it’s a crisis or just an ordinary shift change, time counts.
Our range of Slam Locks have been designed to close casino gaming applications in an instant. From securing chip trays to closing roulette tables, cash boxes, and gaming terminals, our Slam Lock products offer a wealth of benefits:

  • Push-to-lock without a key
  • Robust hardware
  • Removable core
  • High-security manipulation prevention
  • Master keying options to six levels
  • Can be retro-fitted to your machines and tables
  • Restricted keys, available only from Camlock Systems


Casino Gaming case studies

casino client

A lightning-fast response from Camlock Systems enabled an international casino company to solve an urgent locking need, while also meeting their budgetary and security needs. 

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major US CASINo 

When logistical issues were preventing a major casino chain closing their tables between games, Camlock Systems stepped in with a tailored solution that reduced overtime needs and increased play time.

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