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Smarter locking solutions
for smart lockers 

Our motorized Rotary Latch is ideal for self-service lockers.
Designed to be keyless for convenience, flexibility and complete access control. 

  • Series 100 Latch mechanism conserves energy
  • Stepped down mains, battery-powered, or both
  • Compatible with any access controller 
  • Variable spring tension: Optional spring-to-open or pull-to-open
  • Tamper-proof and resistant to power spikes, vibration, and percussive shock


Postal lockers

Click and collect

Charging stations

Cycle Lockers


Series 100 rotary latch

Motorized Series 100 Rotary Latch with high strength, tamper and shock-resistant mechanism. 

This incredibly strong mechanism utilises the compression
strength of steel to prevent forced unlocking, thanks to our unique pincer latch mechanism and not one, but two stainless steel jaws. 

Designed for high-volume use across locker banks and other applications with multiple units, the Series 100 is a power efficient solution, with versatible, yet consistent mounting and door opening functions. 


Case studies


Charging lockers

LapSafe® collaborated with Camlock Systems to source a locking solution that would work seamlessly with the operating systems in their electronic lockers.

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