Smarter locking solutions for utilities & transportation

In this changing and highly regulated sector, maintaining often high levels of security can prove challenging.

Incumbent products that don't meet today's needs limit control, maintenance, and protection against a plethora of threats - yet any disruption to service will incur a loss of revenue or penalty.

Fortunately, you no longer have to compromize. Camlock Systems' products deliver updated security, with the same convenience - or better - than you've had before. Plus, our Utilities and Infrastructure specialists are on hand to guide you through solutions to any change in requirements. 


Perimeter Security

Critical infrastructure

Power Networks

Water and sewage

connectivity and telecoms

Rail and Transport

"Camlock's experience, quality and innovation helped us meet our customer demands."

Dan Bland, Mechanical Design Engineer
- Charles Endirect Ltd

case studies


Local Water Provider

With 1.2million customers to deliver fresh water to every day, Bristol Water relies on Camlock's locking solutions to secure their sites.

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Critical Infrastructure

Camlock Systems became a trusted and experienced source of guidance in the innovative start-up's search for the ideal cabinetry locking solution.      

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Featured products

Series T8

Hardened steel, anti-manipulation Cam Lock

Series 100

NEW high-strength, concealable Rotary Latch 

series 5104

Quarter Turn Cam Lock
with adapter


Gearbox operated, stainless steel swing handle 

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