The kiosk industry has developed rapidly over recent years and there are now many niche markets and even more types of kiosks. Ultimately, the security of any kiosk should reflect the value of what it stores. The first consideration is whether a kiosk holds cash, valuable payment card data, personal customer data, valuable merchandise or other equipment, items and information of value. Second, the location of a kiosk will also determine the optimum type of security.

Outdoor kiosks

Where kiosks are located outdoors, moisture or water ingress and corrosion can pose a challenge. The members of our dedicated technical sales team will be pleased to share their knowledge and experience with you to achieve the optimum solution for your requirements.

Should there be a risk of violent intrusion or vandalism, you may wish to choose a product that has been purpose-designed to resist physical attacks. For example, our high security locks and locking inserts make it easy to upgrade security in response to an increase in risk.

We recognize that you do not want the aesthetics of your kiosks to be reduced by security; instead, it should enhance your application. For example, our varicoloured aluminium locks feature a particularly flat head and have been designed to blend harmoniously with the design of your application.

Indoor kiosks

Kiosks sited in areas open to the public are often covered by CCTV and so thieves turn from physical attacks to using illicit keys, lock bumping, lock picking or other types of manipulation.

Controlling the keys in circulation for your kiosks can be real challenge and you may have concerns that ex-employees or unauthorized members of staff could have copies of the keys. Our patented Octagon system is featured in many of our ranges and virtually eliminates the possibility of unauthorized key duplication.

Please contact us to discuss you requirements and we will work with you to develop the optimum solution for your kiosks. ​


Many of our other kiosks customers have found their security solution in one of the following ranges:

Should you be unable to find what you are looking for on this site we can design and manufacture both mechanical and electronic locking systems to your specific requirements, subject to a minimum order quantity.

Selected roduct ranges

Cam locks
Multi-point locking and swing handles
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