Series 28 Cam Lock

Solid brass, seven pin Octagon Cam Lock

Series 58 Cam Lock

Seven pin Octagon Cam Lock with master keying

Series T8 cam lock

Hardened Steel Cam Lock, 10 pin Octagon mechanism

Series T48 cam lock

'Camatic' Cam Lock with a changeable octagon mechanism

Series 4 MKIV Cam Lock

'Camatic' Cam Lock with an eight-change Octagon mechanism

Series 25 Push Lock

Brass Push Lock with our seven pin, Octagon mechanism

Series T Cam Lock

Solid brass Cam Lock with a 10-pin RPT Mechanism

Series 2M Insert

Short-length Locking Insert with our Series 2, seven pin, radial mechanism

Series 5 Cam Lock

Solid brass Cam Lock with master keying. Seven-pin RPT mechanism