Chip Tray Slam Lock

Unique Push-to-Lock
​​​​​​​Hardware for Table Gaming



Close all your tables in seconds with our specialty casino hardware.
The high security Chip Tray Slam Lock from Camlock Systems allows any staffer to instantly secure the tray, no key required. When the lid is firmly closed, the spring-loaded latching cam locks into place immediately, keeping the contents secure until the key is used to reopen the tray. 

Flexible and high security BiLock technology
Chip Tray Slam Locks use BiLocks - every cylinder has two independent sides, each with its own pins and sidebar.  Many sophisticated layers of security make unauthorized access virtually impossible. Lose control of a key? The removable core can be replaced easily in seconds, without a call to the locksmith.

Tray Compatibility
The Chip Tray Slam Lock is available for both single and dual locking (Tech Art Style) float lids. Masterkeying and key suiting options allow you to manage your facility. All key codes are restricted, and new keys can only be ordered by authorized parties. 


>   Push-to-Lock any chip tray

>   Robust manipulation prevention

>   Removable core

>   Master keying option to 6 levels

>   Registered keys only available from
​​​​​​​     Camlock Systems



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