Cable lock

Locking Ring Prevents Key Misuse

Series 28 Cam Lock

Solid brass, seven pin Octagon Cam Lock

Series 28 Locking Insert

Seven-pin, Radial Pin Tumbler with Octagon mechanism

Series 58 Cam Lock

Seven pin Octagon Cam Lock with master keying

Series T8 Lock Insert

Robust Locking Insert with our 10-pin Octagon mechanism

Series T8 cam lock

Hardened Steel Cam Lock, 10 pin Octagon mechanism

Series T48 cam lock

'Camatic' Cam Lock with a changeable octagon mechanism

Series T48 Locking Insert

'Camatic' Locking Insert with a changeable, Octagon mechanism

Series T48M Short Insert

37.5mm short Locking Insert with a 12 pin, changeable Octagon mechanism

Series 4 MKIV Insert

'Camatic' Locking Insert with an eight-change Octagon mechanism

Series T Locking Insert

Zinc alloy Insert with our Series T, 10 pin radial mechanism

Series T Cam Lock

Solid brass Cam Lock with a 10-pin RPT Mechanism

Series 2 Insert

Zinc alloy Locking Insert with our Series 2, seven pin RPT mechanism

Series 2M Insert

Short-length Locking Insert with our Series 2, seven pin, radial mechanism

Series 5 Cam Lock

Solid brass Cam Lock with master keying. Seven-pin RPT mechanism

Series 13D cam lock

Miniature, 10.5mm zinc alloy Cam Lock. Four-pin RPT mechanism