Series 100 

high-strength Rotary latch
with Stainless steel locking jaws



NEW motorised rotary latch with a high-strength, tamper-resistant mechanism and optional monitoring. 

In response to customer feedback, we have developed a new and improved rotary latch that offers high-security locking with configurable lock and door monitoring options. The upgraded Series 100 is packed with more innovative features that provide: Strength, environmental resilience, and monitoring.

Thanks to the design of the lock and its PCB - all of which are developed in-house - pull or spring-assisted door opening and alarming are standard features. 

Combine with our optional door monitoring module to enhance monitoring and benefit from more control features, including: Programmable child-safety features, auto-relock, and soft, secure door closure for sealed doors.

Unique mechanism with dual, stainless steel jaws
Our exclusive mechanism combines tamper-resistant latching jaws and a locking bar,
driven by a powerful, geared motor. The symmetrical, corrosion-resistant jaws reinforced the latch's strength, enabling it to open heavy doors with minimal power usage. Rigorous in-house testing has proven the latch can withstand over 7,000N of force and 300N of pre-load. 


>   Exclusive geared mechanism from 
     Camlock Systems

>   Two symmetrical stainless steel jaws

>   Lock status monitoring for added security

>   Additional door monitoring and control             functions via compatible switch module

>   Functions in all temperatures

 Economical, low operating current 

>   Integrates with existing control systems

>   Fitted with a mechanical override



additional accessory

Series 100 Rotary Latch

Door monitoring module

Monitoring Switch Module. Enables greater monitoring and control functions.

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