Dust cap, universal fitting

Dust cap, universal fitting – T107

This cover is ideal for fitting on cam locks and switchlocks that are exposed to dust, dirt, moisture and other elements that can impair the operation of the lock. The cover also helps to prevent any marking of the lock face. The spring-loaded cap snaps shut when the lock is not in use. Made from die-cast zinc alloy with a pressed steel base. An integral neoprene washer provides a seal. Very easily fitted or retrofitted to most cam locks or switchlocks. The universal fitting allows the cover to open in any direction.

Types are also available to fit a 19mm x 16mm ‘double D’ profile lock to provide either vertical opening, T104, or horizontal opening, T105.

Dimensions: length: 1.91” (48.5mm) width: 1.1” (27.6mm) depth: 0.4” (10.5mm).