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Selecting the right lock depends on several factors:

  • The security level required
  • The type of enclosure and the space available to fit it in
  • The environmental factors that could affect the lock, its material and lifespan (e.g. remote location, harsh weather conditions)
  • Whether it needs to meet a certain security standard (e.g. to pass accreditation)
  • The key configuration required for key management
  • Whether or not the lock needs to be reprogrammable.

To see the full range of locking systems that we offer, you can search our Product pages, or for help understanding the differences between our locks, see our handy guide - 'Choosing a lock'.

If you need a unqiue locking solution our in-house design and personal consultation service can modify an existing product or create a complete new design. Our team of locking experts can guide you through the whole process, from concept to build and beyond, providing after-sales support in the form of installation advice, operational guidance and key management. 

If you are unsure which lock you need and would prefer to discuss your requirements, our team of locking experts can help you find the smartest solution for your application. To contact them: 

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