Point of sale

Multiple retailers

We are proud to supply well known High Street retailers with locking systems designed to minimise shoplifting, employee theft, fraud and similar types of retail crime by preventing unauthorized access with a duplicate key.

Customers benefit from our experience in dealing with multiple store groups and our commitment to excellent customer service, being large enough to have good resources yet without the inflexible procedures of big businesses.

Where the control of keys in circulation is of prime importance due to high staff turnover, we can offer reprogrammable locking solutions,  including ranges that feature our patented Octagon mechanism. Our patented keys can be registered, which ensures only authorised personnel are able to obtain replacement or additional keys. Where required, we can also help you to manage your keys effectively. 

POS technology

With new payment methods being introduced and other in-store technology developing all the time, so do customers’ expectations of security, in particular the integrity of their personal data. As POS equipment often stores such highly valued information, good security is essential.

Innovations aside, conventional items such as note safes, cash drawers & tills and other hardware still abound and require a level of security that reflects the value of their contents.

Our suited locks can enable store personnel to use the same key to open, for example, POS showcases and stock cupboards, saving time spent hunting for keys when dealing with customers. Even where space is limited, we can offer you good security. 

Shopfitting & POS designers

Point of sale showcases and high value display cabinets require good security, even where CCTV and other electronic devices such as asset tags are in use.  Our experience of hundreds of retail projects means that we appreciate the need for security that is unobtrusive and enhances the application. 

Projects are rarely the same, which is why we tailor the solution to your specific requirements. We offer mechanical and electronic solutions suitable for glass, wood or metal point-of-sale units. A choice of sizes and security levels is available for applications ranging from display cases or cabinets to drawers and many more. Should you be unable to find what you are looking for, please contact us to discuss a bespoke solution.


The members of our technical sales team will be pleased to share their knowledge and experience to achieve the optimum solution for your requirements. Please contact us at any time.