Safety interlocks

Safety interlocking is a means of controlling access to hazardous areas or equipment and of preventing dangerous situations occurring through incorrect use of electrical switch gear. Such control is achieved by restricting the availability of the keys to such areas or equipment, making them available in such a way that dangerous situations are avoided.

We produce lock cylinders specifically for use in Moulded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCBs) produced by Merlin Gerin and ‘Blue Line’ switchgear from Kraus & Naimer/UK Solenoid. Additionally, we offer a complementary range of key exchange boxes and a patented access lock for doors and gates. All the locks use our 10 pin radial pin tumbler mechanism, offering unique key number allocation and key registration.

​All safety interlocks are designed and manufactured to the customer’s specifications. The photograph shown is an example of the type of unit we can supply to order.