Key management

The largest threat to your security isn’t always a destructive attack or a skilled lock-picker - it’s a key that is no longer under your control.

Protecting your assets from all of these risks is not just possible, with the right partner, it's easy.

Consult with us to design a system with the right features to keep your keys protected and your locks closed to unauthorised access.

key tracking systems
key management consultancy

Key management consultancy

As part of our 360-degree assessment, we'll review the risks associated with your operation. We'll then advise on smart 
strategies to implement, alongside the right locking system to prevent a crisis, if a key does fall into the wrong hands. 

Key registration policies

For those requiring superior protection, our patented high-security cylinders come with key registration. We do this to give our customers the greatest assurance that their key codes are exclusive to them. 

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