Series T

solid brass cam lock.
radial pin tumbler mechanism



The Series T offers a higher security alternative to a standard seven pin,
radial pin tumbler mechanism. 
Constructed entirely of brass, The Series T houses a 10-pin, radial pin tumbler mechanism that provides manipulation resistance and over 5 million key combinations.

The Series T is a good option for those looking for a radial mechanism with higher physical security and additional manipulation resistant features. It's high-quality manufactured brass body means it will perform well in outdoor
environments, as well as against physical attacks such as picking or drilling. 

Supplied with body and tail nuts. Keyed to differ locks are supplied with two keys per lock, as standard. 

Cams and accessories
Compatible with a wide range of cams, all of which are available to order in addition to your choice of lock. 


 10 pin, radial pin tumbler mechanism

>   Anti-grip radiused lock head

>   Anti-drill centre post to deflect attacks

>   Brass mechanism with chrome finish

>   Available body lengths: 18mm, 25mm               and 30mm

>   Masterkeying only available on
     25mm and 30mm body length



Additional lock variants

Series T ​​​​​

Cam Lock​​​​​​​

Series T ​​​​​

Cam Lock​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Series T ​​​​​

Cam Lock

Series T ​​​​​

10 Pin RPT
​​​​​​​Locking Insert

Series T ​​​​​

10 Pin RPT
​​​​​​​Push Lock

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